Restaurants & Bars

Terrace Restaurant Piare

This nature-oriented Italian restaurant uses fresh seafood, farm products and organic ingredients from Hokkaido. It offers a high-quality menu prepared using choice seasonal ingredients from selected areas, as well as a variety of wines and champagnes.

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Piare's cake corner

At the cake corner attached to Terrace Restaurant Piare on the first floor, sweets elaborately created by patissiers are available anytime to eat in or take out.

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Togenkyo Chinese Restaurant

Enjoy the exquisite cuisine developed during the long history of China in a casual atmosphere at this restaurant with stylish and calming wooden interiors.

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Nadaman Garden Japanese Restaurant

The restaurant offers a variety of unique and exquisite seasonal dishes. Enjoy the traditional skills and tastes of the long-established Nadaman restaurant while taking in a panoramic view of Nakajima Park.

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Park Club (members only)

It serves a variety of dishes and alcoholic beverages from all over the world. Over the years it has continued to improve its facilities, which now include a hall where live music performances can be enjoyed, private rooms, a bar counter and a mahjong room, to meet the diverse demands of customers.

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Lobby Lounge Lasso

Lasso is a high-quality, relaxing space where time seems to pass slowly.
The lounge bar, which features a pechka (Russian-style stove), is suited to a variety of purposes, from morning coffee to dinnertime aperitif and conversation over a nightcap.

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Terrace Restaurant Kitara

The restaurant offers a pleasant time that makes customers want to toast to the scenery and music, and a number of creative and original dishes in diverse styles.
Enjoy the highly artistic, colorfully arranged specialty dishes using fresh ingredients carefully chosen by the chef.

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